Why tattoos fade and how to prevent it

To get a tattoo on your skin means getting permanent artwork on your body. The fresh vibrant-colored tattoo with a meaningful theme looks great, but unfortunately, for some reason, at some point, we all tattooed folks have had blurry or faded tattoos. Several reasons cause your tattoos to fade, like ink quality, tattoo placement on the body, sun damage, aging, and more. Some of them are controllable, while others are unavoidable.

Then how to fight tattoos fading?

Fortunately, some preventive measures work well to reduce the possibility of fading.

Get a tattoo with high-quality ink

The lower quality ink contributes to faster deterioration of the tattoo following the skin damage. The tattoo designs start fading, losing shape and original appearance due to high-chemical, low-pigmentation ink. Whereas higher-quality ink has the longevity of colors and a higher chance of healing.
The quality of tattoo ink is just as important as the color used. A lower-quality ink may not last as long. Plus to a fading concern, this is also a health concern. Tattoo inks are unregulated by the government; it is usually not uncommon for them to contain heavy metals. Reference the cosmetic hotlist to identify potentially harmful ingredients. Going to good reputable and experienced tattoo shops is the best way to ensure high-quality inks.
Bright and vibrant tattoo colors are the quickest to experience fading, while deep and dark colors are pretty fade-resistant, though it can still happen but using a Tattoo balm tube helps to moisturize and improve the vibrancy of your tattoo.

The hardest colors that last

Black and grey are the hardest tattoo colors. They are dense and bold and their appearance lasts longer than colors. In contrast, the most vibrant colors such as hot pink, yellow, light green tend to fade quickly. Darker colors, such as deep reds, are more fade-resistant. The colors in watercolors tattoos are the shortest-lived. The tradeoff is that they are very striking designs with vibrant colors. Despite fading relatively quickly, watercolors tattoos remain very popular to date.

To keep them looking their best, they require frequent touchups. Although they are beautiful designs, if your goal is longevity, they are hardly the choice of tattoo type for you. That being said, don't let this stop you from choosing the colored tattoo you’ve always wanted. There are many more aspects to preventing tattoo fading. And touch-ups are always an option. Remember, tattoos are permanent, so it’s worth getting the ones you want.

Correct Placement of tattoo matters

Tattoos placed in certain body areas tend to fade faster than others, regardless of the tattoo ink quality. You will notice such fading in only a few years if you get your tattoo at such a place where it will experience more friction or rubbing against something (like your skin or fabric). For the endurance of your tattoo, consider areas of your body that experience minimum friction; for example, tattoos placed on collarbone will stay longer than a tattoo on your arm.

Preventing Sun damage

The sun is one primary reason for tattoos that fade over time. When you first get a tattoo, avoid being in the sun until it fully heals. Using a high SPF sunscreen protects your skin and greatly decreases your chances of ink fading.

Moisturize Your Tattoo

How do you keep your skin looking young and healthy? You moisturize! The same applies to your tattoo. A well-moisturized tattoo stays brighter and bolder for longer. Most of us already moisturize our hands and face, so it's hardly a burden to include your tattoos as well. Clean Ink tattoo balm has all natural ingredients to moisturizer and keep your skin healthy.

Aging effect on tattoo

Aging, an inevitable factor, causes tattoos fade. The aging skin becomes less elastic and begins to wrinkle or sag, causing your tattoo to become warped or stretched. Using a natural tattoo balm that restores and refreshes the original colors helps fight tattoos fading.

Go easy those first three weeks when you get your tattoo. Give it a good time to heal properly and protect the freshly injected ink from direct sun exposure. When your tattoo has aged three weeks safely, give yourself a pat and your tattoo the good care with Clean Ink tattoo cleanser and natural, gentle tattoo balm. Clean Ink provides you the effective, natural tattoo aftercare products that amazingly brighten your old tattoo’s presence and prevent fading of new tattoos.


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