Why Clean Ink? 

Not Your “Ordinary” Tattoo Aftercare

You don’t have to put up with those greasy, smelly lotions and mainstream aftercare products that contain ingredients that are harmful to your skin. You and your body art deserve better. 

That’s because we know your body art is an extension of you and your personality. It’s your identity. And we know you love to show them off and answer questions about them when impressed friends say, “Wow, that’s an awesome tattoo!” 

There’s No Such Thing As An Ageless Tattoo

Let’s face it. You’re excited about getting that new tattoo and plan to get more to express your individuality. But there’s an inconvenient truth most people don’t know when it comes to body art. 

When not cared for, your tattoo can fade as you get older. Sun exposure is the biggest culprit, but so is not keeping it clean and moisturized. Plus friction on the tattoo can cause it to fade - especially if you have to cover it up because of work or to limit sun exposure. 

Clean Ink gives you the aftercare regimen you need to show off your body art and get compliments from your friends. It also helps you protect what you endured and spent good money on in order to express your individuality.  

Clean Ink Tattoo Aftercare Regimen Helps You

Soothe and moisturize fresh tattoos

Promote elasticity to prevent the tattoo from fading

Brighten your tattoos so they get people’s attention

Feel confident with your skin - even if you have allergies and sensitive skin

Our Products Are Free Of The Following Chemicals And Toxins:

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