• You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your body art. So why would you compromise your health with chemicals and petroleum that are found in those “other” products? 

    Lucky 13s gives you the aftercare you need to keep your tattoos clear and bright. Whether you’re healing a fresh tattoo, refreshing an old fading tattoo, or protecting your most loved ink, we have what you need to Protect Your Ink”

  • Anthony N. - Clearwater AN”

    Absolutely love this product! It noticeably darkened my 5 year old tattoos instantly and make them as bright as my fresh ink. The balm is packed with nourishing ingredients that make your skin feel super moisturized.

No Harsh Chemicals Here

We use all-natural ingredients to keep your body art moisturized and your skin glowing.

Grapefruit Extract

Aloe Vera

Avocado Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Olive Oil


Calendula Oil

Coconut Oil


How Does It Work?

Aloe, shea, and other ingredients moisturize your skin and protect it from aging while improve the look and definition of your tattoos.

How Do I Use It?

Apply our balm daily to your tattoos to see and feel results immediately.

Use the repair cleanser after your sessions to help soothe and protect your tattoo while ensuring a effective healing process.

Does It Work On Old And Newly Healed Tattoos?

Old/aged tattoos will work best with our balm tube and tin. This formula is engineered to protect your skin while improving the vibrancy of your ink!

For new tattoos, our repair cleanser will help you heal while cleansing and protecting your skin.

Lucky 13’s tattoo balm has all natural ingredients to moisturizer and keep your skin healthy.

Using a natural tattoo balm that restores and refreshes the original colors helps fight tattoos fading.

When your tattoo has aged three weeks safely, give yourself a pat and your tattoo the good care with Protect Your Ink‘s tattoo cleanser and natural, gentle tattoo balm.

Protect Your Ink provides you the effective, natural tattoo aftercare products that amazingly brighten your old tattoo’s presence and prevent fading of new tattoos.

It’s badass.

I’ve been lookin into getting some type of product for my tattoos and I’m glad I pulled the trigger and ordered the lucky 13 tattoos balm. It’s badass.

- Mark J.

It works great

I’ve seen a difference in all of my tattoos. I try to use it as much as possible in between my training where I’m constantly sweating and in the sun. I don’t have a negative thing to say about the product!

- Sgt Aidan Z.

It makes my tattoos look great!

I love this product as well. It makes my tattoos look great! Just personal preference would probably go with the tube instead in the future as I think it would be easier to apply!

- Ty L.

Great results.

Great results. Makes tattoos come alive!

- Jenna J.

I love love love this balm!

Super easy to apply, unscented, and non greasy - it goes on smooth and my skin drinks it up! Not only does it help with healing, it really brings out the colors and bold lines of older tattoos.

- Desiree B.










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