The Best All-Natural Tattoo Aftercare Tips and Suggestions

Are you a tattoo lover? Probably, you must understand that the process of fitting one extends further after the last print of artistic work, giving you an exquisite new artwork on your body. Besides, a tattoo goes beyond just the piece of art; it becomes a piece of you. Even though your feelings on a particular tattoo may change with time, chances are the obsession will be vivid in the first few days or weeks. But here comes the main problem; getting the tattoo to heal. At Clean Ink tattoo, we got you covered in matters concerning all-natural tattoo aftercare tips.

The 5 major tattoo aftercare tips:


Novice Tat lovers often ignore that tattoos require keen care beforehand because they view tats as just a patch on the skin. However, it is crucial you and your skin extremely prepared to have the tattoo on. This entails maintaining a habit of cleansing, moisturizing, and cautiously protecting your cherished skin from the dangerous rays of the sun.


Conduct thorough due diligence when scouting for a venue to have your tattoo drawn. In your search, have in mind that you are visiting a place where they will have your skin grated! With such thoughts, ensure you get a parlor that does not compromise on hygiene. Furthermore, tattoos are prone to infections and bacteria development during the process of having them on. This is mainly due to the level of hygiene maintained by your artist.
At Clean Ink tattoo, hygiene is our second name after professionalism. We value our customer's needs while taking care of our artists to continue serving you to the best of their abilities. We constantly train our staff on conventional ways to maintain hygiene while handling varied customer's tattoo needs. All our equipment and products are hygienically certified, and the artists issued with a professional certificate after undergoing a series of tests on maintaining hygiene.


Most tattoo lovers prefer getting their tats towards the beginning of summer to show them off into the warm season. At Clean Ink tattoo, we advise our clients that tattoos and sunlight do not "weather". Rather than exposing your newly acquired tattoo when going out, try covering it for a considerable amount of time until it fully heals. Moreover, tattoos are there to stay for a long time. You still have a lot of summers to show off your ink!


In the initial days after getting a tattoo, your skin area around the tattoo becomes extremely sensitive. In this regard, you should avoid putting on tight clothes. Tight clothing resembles having sandpaper on your skin, so you should avoid any tight material around a fresh tattoo.


Even though you are still not eligible for swimming, you are allowed to have quick showers. After all, showering with a tattoo is not a big deal. Just protect it from the actual water flow and avoid scrubbing or rubbing it while showering. However, you can gently apply mild soap to the tattoo to clean it.


Tattoo aftercare solely lies with the beholder. Therefore, you should safeguard your tattoo fiercely to maintain its beautiful look and have it for eternity.

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